Australian Advisory Group was established to offer a new way for Advisers to operate in a challenging financial services environment.

We offer a range of models for operations and competitive fee structuring. Our revenue models, offer unparalleled success for Advisers (and Dealer Groups) who are considering their options to stay in the industry.

It should be noted that Australian Advisory Pty Ltd does not itself hold an AFSL. However, the following companies in the Australian Advisory Group have AFSLs which could be relevant to your needs:

Consilium Advice Pty Ltd - AFSL 424974

Consilium Advice Australia Pty Ltd - AFSL 246623

Life Plan FP Australia Pty Ltd - AFSL 277681

Premium Advisory Pty Ltd - AFSL 472548

The current state of advice

The are a myriad of pressures facing Advisers today. It has never been more demanding for Advisers to service clients and to operate a profitable business. In a recent survey completed by Australian Advisory Group, we found that 62% of external Advisers surveyed are thinking of leaving the sector.

With new and ongoing higher educational requirements, regulatory and compliance burdens, OPT IN provisions, breach reporting obligations, high PI insurance premiums, other increased cost of running a business, and the general lack of support for Advisers, no wonder there has been a mass exodus approaching 50% of Advisers.

However - there are NEW OPTIONS available

Australian Advisory Group has worked hard to eliminate many of the ongoing frustrations and costs for Advisers by providing a choice of new Advisory models.

We want to help Advisers, financial planning practices and small AFSLs who are finding it difficult and costly to operate. If you want to stay in the industry and maintain a relationship (and income) with your clients, then Australian Advisory  Group has options for you. 


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Stay in the industry

Join one of our Dealer Groups, reduce your costs and increase your income.

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Partner with us

With our Partnership model, we bear the costs of your business, and YOU receive an income*. Sound too good to be true? Then let's chat.

Our services

Compliance support We have systems and procedures in place to manage all new requirements. Our compliance team is available anytime to answer all your questions.

Direct access to decisions makers and support staff to make things happen.

Your enquires are followed up within 24 hours.

Affordable and flexible fees If you are paying more than $2500 per month in dealer fess, then we need to chat.

Commission handling with state of the art, accurate payment systems to guarantee your cash flow.

Ongoing CPD training & professional development is provided to support you to stay current and ahead of your game.

Smooth onboarding process and reliable ongoing support. We will do all the transfer for you so there is nothing you need to do. 


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Smooth transition

We want your transition to be easy. When you are ready to join our team, we have processes designed to complete the application process in a friendly, timely and efficient manner. We look forward to helping you.


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