What we do

With our Head Office based in Sydney, we are a national organisation striving to deliver a return to stability and certainty in the current time of confusion and uncertainty.

With direct access to our management, compliance, and support teams, we have your business covered.

Our Company Philosophy is that every Australian has a right to quality advice.

We promote:

  • Quality advice free of conflict

  • The fundamentals of advice

  • The right advice provided by a quality Adviser

If you are staying in the industry...

We want to grow our Advisers' base who:

  • Care about the financial future of their clients

  • Are looking for a supportive environment to success

  • Although fed up with all the industry changes, also understand that a new way of running a successful adviser business will look different than before

  • Want to work together to create a better future

  • Are looking for a personal supportive and affordable environment

  • Have capacity to manage clients from our purchased books.

We will support you by...

  • Providing access to a comprehensive range of leading investment and insurance products via a flexible Approved Product list (APL).

  • Providing regular compliance and product training

  • Coaching you through compliance requirements and audits

  • Minimising the running costs of your business 

We provide a noninstitutional environment where your clients will have access to a FULL CIRCLE of professional and financial services through our quality teams and hand-picked networks.

With scale and our experience, we are able to keep our overall costs down, so in turn can keep our dealer group fees affordable.

If you are leaving the industry...

We want to be YOUR FIRST AND PREFERRED CHOICE for discussions in purchasing your book.

We are equipped and resourced to purchase books from those wanting to exit the industry. We will bring your client base into an environment and team where your clients will be allocated to one of our hand-picked quality advisers where they will continue to  be serviced in the way you would expect, to give both you and your clients peace of mind. 

They will be in good hands.