About Australian Advisory

The financial advice industry is undergoing enormous changes and many Advisers are facing and uncertain future.

With increased compliance obligations, extensive education requirements, increased PI costs and changing revenue structures, it is presently the most difficult environment our industry has ever faced.

It has become increasingly difficult for Financial Advisers to operate their business. Many quality Advisers have already left the industry and it is expected this will continue if Advisers are left without a different support model.

Australian Advisory was established in 2017 by industry veterans thinking outside the box. Wanting to be part of the solution to retain quality Advisers across the country, Australian Advisory decided to face these industry challenges head on and create a new business to proactively support Advisers by offering new and innovative pathways.

With national membership and presence, competitive fee sructures and revenue models, Australian Advisory has unparalleled offers to ensure success for Advisers, small AFSL holders and Dealer Groups who are considering their options of staying in the industry.

We have STAY, SELL or PARTNERSHIP options that should suit most Advisers.