Partnership - Reduce your overheads, your educational and compliance requirements AND keeps your clients and a percentage of your income

The Australian Advisory Partnership Program is the FIRST of its kind.

Most advisers have built up their book to realise its value as part of their exist strategy.

Some are now looking at having far less than they had planned for in retirement.

Our Partnership model will give you 50% of your revenue for as long as the book generates an income.

Australian Advisory is well set up to assist Advisers who either wish to remain on or leave the industry, yet still maintain relationships with their clients and continue to earn an income. 

We understand that client relationships are paramount.

They are the foundation on which any success has been built.

This is why Australian Advisory has developed innovative solutions to allow you to stay connected to your clients without the ongoing and timely costs of training, escalating personal indemnity insurance costs or the constant burden of compliance.

With our partnership model you have the opportunity to cease having the advice responsibility BUT retain the client relationships.

We take responsibility for:

  • the advice

  • the related compliance and administrative functions

  • the costs

You keep the relationship and become the Caretaker of your clients.

You retain 50% of your income - for as long as the book generates income.

Rather than sell your book and crystalise your losses, keep your book, maintain an income and partner with us.


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